Urban Sol Infrared Light Therapy


Before booking an appointment, please read...

Appointments are booked on the hour, in one-hour time slots, which allows for 

changing clothes before and after a session, as well as prepping the space for the next client.

Your first sauna session is 30 minutes, subsequent sauna sessions range from 30-40 minutes

depending on the program chosen, a full Migun session is 35 minutes

Thank you for helping us stay on schedule!

If this is your first appointment with Urban Sol, please plan to arrive

10-15 minutes before your appointment time to complete an intake form and get instructions. Your first sauna session includes 30 minutes of sauna time.

Please note the following for 2 people in 1 sauna (Sol-mate Session) appointments:

  • Please select "Sol-mate Session" if you are booking an appointment for 2 people in 1 sauna

  • "Sol-mates" should be comfortable changing in front of each other as there is only one changing space for both "Sol-mates" to use

  • Sauna spaces are private but not sound proof. Talking should be kept to a minimum. This is not an ideal activity when a more social (talkative) experience is desired



  • For cancellations, please give 24 hours notice by phone or leave a voicemail                                           **NO EMAIL CANCELLATIONS, PLEASE**

  • Late cancellations (within 6 hours of appointment time) will be charged for appointment.

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late without notification, we reserve the right to give the appointment time to another client.

  • Late arrivals may be subject to an abbreviated session or cancellation.

                 NO SHOW, NO CALL appointments will be charged for that session